Couples Counseling Near Scottsdale

We all live stress-filled lives, busy with kids, work and numerous commitments. Often it’s our marriages that suffer. We don’t leave any margin for investing in the most important earthly relationships we have — our marriages!

When marriages aren’t being nurtured for long periods of time and especially when there is a breach of trust, it can be difficult to recover without professional help from a couples therapist.

Improve Communication

Even when the problems are less severe, we frequently don’t know what to do to improve things, and over time the lack of communication and intimacy mounts up, creating painful feelings. Lack of communication and or poor communication skills are the norm for most couples needing counseling help.

Create New Behavior Patterns

Fortunately we can improve communication through communication skills training. We also train couples in what could be called natural laws of marriage – what works and what doesn’t. Last, but not least, we identify the marital dance causing the recurring cycle and create a new pattern characterized by understanding, patience, empathy and unconditional love. Many couples appreciate spiritual direction in addition to scientific principles, which supports a servant’s heart mentality, which goes a long way in marriage.

Invest the Time and Effort

Even when there has not been a breach of trust or addiction issue, there can be severe pain when one or both parties no longer feel in love for a variety of reasons. During couples counseling, each person is received and heard where they are, and many times, putting in effort, time and attention makes a big difference!

Over many years of experience, I have found that there are very specific skill sets needed to guide couples through marital distress. Individual, Group and Couples counseling are utilized, often very intensively at first.

Intensive Therapy Programs are available as needed to intervene effectively and reduce pain and suffering as quickly as possible.

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