About Dr. Crow

EFT Couples Therapist

Scottsdale Psychologist

Dr. Gregory M. Crow, PhD has been in private practice in Scottsdale since his arrival in 1982. He earned a doctorate in psychology from Rosemead Graduate School of Psychology, Biola University and has additional training in theology. During his internship at Las Encinas Hospital in Pasadena, California,  he gained experience in hospital and private practice before moving to Scottsdale.  Dr. Crow is also a member of the American Psychological Association (APA Membership SS).

At Scottsdale Counseling, Dr. Gregory M. Crow specializes in fidelity and purity issues. His work as a premarital and couples therapist emphasizes skills in communication and conflict resolution, basic rules of engaging each other and undoing the harmful patterns couples have become stuck in.

Expert Therapist for Sexual Addiction

As a specialist in the treatment of men’s fidelity issues, Dr. Gregory M. Crow is an author and a recognized expert in sex and porn addiction. Dr. Crow works from a couple’s perspective, helping both the individual parties and the marriage recover. The men he works with are involved in group counseling, one-on-one counseling, and couples counseling. While the men are involved in this rigorous recovery program, their wives are given survival tools and support to help them get through the feelings of violation and betrayal.

Dr. Crow is a co-author of the book Lonely All the Time: Recognizing, Understanding, and Overcoming Sex Addiction, for Addicts and Co-dependents.

EFT Counseling for Couples and Individuals

Dr. Crow is trained in EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) for couples. Research shows that EFT is a highly effective method of treatment for couples. It was developed by Sue Johnson, Ph.D., who has written a highly regarded book for couples called Hold Me Tight, in which the EFT model is explained.

Dr. Crow also conducts many “intensives“; typically an 8 day program of longer daily sessions, specifically designed to help quickly relieve pain and suffering for couples and individuals who are in crisis or want things addressed rapidly.

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As an EFT couples therapist in Scottsdale for more than 40 years, Dr. Crow has counseled couples in a variety of situations and settings, and has led many couples’ workshops on communication and conflict resolution skills both in Arizona and at Barnabas Family Ministries in British Columbia, Canada.

Dr. Crow and his wife, Gail, have been married 50 years. They have three children and four grandchildren and are members of Scottsdale Bible Church, where they serve in the Worship Ministry (Orchestra). They have traveled with the Orchestra to Romania, and Greg has also traveled to Russia with the church counseling center. He especially enjoys experiencing other cultures and languages.

In addition to issues faced by couples, Dr. Crow specializes in the treatment of a variety of other conditions, including those of trauma, PTSD, major depression, anxiety, panic, and grief.

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