Treatment Specialties

I am an author in the field of sex and love addiction for addicts and their spouses, and am one of the pioneers in the field of sex and love addiction treatment in Arizona. Since 1985 I have run a program for couples who struggle with sex addiction, affairs and or infidelity. I run two weekly group meetings for men (see Men’s Issues and Men’s Groups on this website).The men may have a history of virtual (online) or actual infidelity and may or may not be “addicted” to sex. It is common to see both men who have a problem with online pornography and masturbation as well as those who have had an affair(s).

I am an EFT-trained couples’ therapist who most strongly supports the healing and preservation of marriages and families. This specialized training has been researched and is proven to help all couples break destructive habits and substantially improve their intimacy.

Another specialty is Intensive Therapy (see Intensive Therapy Program on this site). There are times when people need to dig deeper to get pain addressed because it cannot be addressed in an hourly session-a-week approach. There are times when someone needs to get things done quickly due to business commitments. There are times when people feel a great deal of pain and want to address it quickly. In any of these circumstances an Intensive Therapy Program may be helpful. When indicated, I see clients two hours a day, typically for eight days consecutively (excluding weekends) to significantly drain the pool of pain and restore healthy functioning. This is done for couples as well as individuals.

My faith is very important to me (Christian). In addition to being a psychologist who is a believer, I am a Board Certified Professional Christian Counselor. I actively incorporate each person’s faith (if desired) into the recovery process. I enjoy working with people of varied faiths, cultures and backgrounds and work to be culturally and spiritually sensitive to my clients and their beliefs.



Mood disorders, including major depression, bipolar disorder

Loss and Grief


Dissociative disorders

Gregory M. Crow, Ph.D.