Premarital Counseling Package

Premarital counseling is (wisely) often required in our churches prior to being married. Some larger churches offer helpful and informative classes for couples. For those who prefer more in-depth, highly personalized assessment and counseling I have designed a package that provides valuable individual and couple testing in addition to individual and couple sessions. I have made significant cost adjustments to help couples afford to do this as follows:

Pre-marital Counseling Package $1435.00

Initial Session (1 counseling hour – together)

  • Male Session (2 counseling hours)
  • Female Session (2 counseling hours)

Prepare & Enrich (Couples’ inventory-can be done online after set up)

Follow-up Session (2 counseling hours – together)

Follow-up Session (2 counseling hours – together)

Instructions for Prepare and Enrich Testing:

The Prepare and Enrich testing is done online. Be prepared to provide the following information when you call. We will “set up” the testing. Once the testing is set up you will receive an email with instructions for signing in to take your test.

Your first name

Your email address

Fiance’ / Significant Other first name

Fiance’ / Significant Other email address

If you and your partner are interested in the Premarital Counseling Package, please contact us at 480-540-7480 for more information.

Gregory M. Crow, Ph.D.