ADHD Couples Counseling

Attention issues have everything to do with marriage adjustment. Partners are frustrated with lack of planning, difficulties with organization and impaired ability to listen! This makes partnering very difficult and is often an underlying cause of discord.

Of course, the partner who has ADD or ADHD is suffering too. He or she is likely feeling very inadequate and overwhelmed, which is aggravated when his or her partner is frustrated with their difficulties in starting and finishing tasks and being organized, let alone the communication issues noted above!

Learn Communication & Conflict Resolution Skills

What this means is that working with the therapist to elevate communication and conflict resolution skills is all the more important. Couples who have this particular challenge benefit greatly from having psychological counseling alongside to aid both parties. The presence of the psychologist is encouraging to the partner with ADD/ADHD as they are provided with tools and a “can do” message. At the same time, the other partner, who has felt alone in addressing the issues, is no longer alone and exhausted by the issue!

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Gregory M. Crow, Ph.D.