Couples Intensive Therapy Program

For Christian Marriage Counseling

Clients often desire to intensify the therapy process for one or more of the following reasons:

  1. Some are in pain and are therefore seeking rapid relief from their symptoms.
  2. For others, condensing their therapy better suits their busy lifestyles and or personalities.
  3. Still others have found that traditional therapy has not been deep enough to access and treat some of their more troubling issues.

While the client may simply be seeking more rapid resolution to their difficulties, it is my experience that Intensive Christian marriage counseling and or Intensive individual counseling provides deeper and more effective results than traditional weekly 60 minute therapy sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the purpose of the Intensive Therapy Program?

I have found intensive therapy is more effective and efficient than traditional therapy in the following situations: 1) getting to the roots of trauma; 2) rapidly helping those in significant pain; and 3) overcoming hurdles that have been resistant to traditional therapy approaches. Some people prefer the Intensive for the sake of addressing problems quickly over a much shorter span of time.

How is the Intensive Therapy scheduled?

There are a total of 16 sessions scheduled in two hour increments over an eight consecutive day period (excluding weekends).

What about my job?

You will greatly benefit by staying focused on your therapy. I highly recommend you “clear your calendar.” Plan to take time off of work; try not to be planning any big events, i.e.: parties, seminars, preparing to host guests, etc. There are several nearby hotels and some clients have found it beneficial to stay away from home to minimize distractions.

What is the fee for Intensive Therapy?

The Intensive itself consists of 8 two-hour sessions, totaling 16 hours. The fees are by the hour, making the cost for the Intensive $3440.00. However, four hours of preparatory work are required in advance of starting the Intensive. These sessions are often done just before that Intensive begins and are charged separately. The total cost with prep and intensive sessions is $4300.00. The Intensive is prepaid and the balance is due seven days prior to the start of the Intensive.

What can I expect going through this Intensive Therapy?

You will initially have some apprehension mixed with excitement. As you do deeper work you often will feel tired and need “space” to recover and then go on to do your homework. Some sessions will be harder than others. Some will feel more productive – like a big breakthrough. There may be a crisis point along the way that God will use to highlight and heal an issue. All of this is part of a typical Intensive experience.

What about insurance?

Dr. Crow does not take insurance, nor does he accept or bill Medicare. If you have private insurance, you may be entitled to what is called “out of network” benefits. On request, a superbill can be provided to submit to your insurance company for benefits you may have.

After I have completed the program – what happens next?

It is advisable to plan for some followup sessions after the Intensive is completed. This will provide needed support as you make changes based on your initial intensive work. These sessions are not included in the program and you will need to schedule them as you normally would around your work commitments and pay when services are rendered.

I am ready! What is the next step?

When you are ready, contact Dr. Crow at (480) 540-7480. He will email you an agreement. You need to read, sign, and fax the agreement back, or bring it in to your next appointment. You may pay the non-refundable deposit over the phone or when you come to your next appointment – this will be applied to your Intensive.

Your Intensive will be scheduled as soon as possible based on the availability of our schedule and your availability.

Our customary policy regarding the cancellation of this program is two weeks prior to the first date of the first Intensive session. The deposit is non-refundable.

Gregory M. Crow, Ph.D.