Personal Note

The following is a post I did for Caring Bridge just recently (end of April, 2016). For those who don’t know, I was diagnosed with a treatable form of cancer (GIST) in November of 2015 and was out of the office until April of 2016 due to complications and surgery for a small intestinal blockage. I am grateful to have survived and to be able to work.


Today is one month of being back in the office. I really enjoy the work God has gifted and provided for me to do.

I purposed (if that is a word) to work a couple of hours at a time with downtime between and that has worked well. I am gone from home, portal to portal, 12 hours a day, which some friends questioned from the beginning. But it has worked for me because I can truly rest for an extended period each morning and each afternoon and the schedule still allows me to work 3/4 time. I like it so well that I am considering staying on it indefinitely. My new 3/4 time is even a smaller percentage when compared to my previous actual work schedule.
So I am aware that this is a new time, a new chapter. It is one that I had nothing to do with yet I now live. I know for a fact that it provides for more time with my Heavenly Father, wife and family, and that is very good. Again, I did not choose it; He has chosen it for me. When God chooses something for us, it is always the right thing isn’t it?
Thanks once again for your prayers. I am praying for a supernaturally good reconnection (taking down the ileostomy) surgery and recovery, most likely in July. I am aware of so many blessings, including all of you.