Weekend Intensive

Clients most commonly contact me when they are in crisis. They often need some immediate help to navigate their situation and or deal with painful feelings. At times like this, there is need for both immediate attention and enough of it to effect some change right away.

In response to this need, my office will arrange a weekend intensive, which is outside of my regular hours. A weekend intensive will be tailored to the need of the individual(s) involved and will typically involve hours throughout the day Saturday and some hours on Sunday afternoon. There may be some hours added ahead of that as well, depending on need and availability.

The weekend intensive is different from the Intensive Therapy Program. The ITP is an 8 day process, typically done after preliminary work has already been accomplished, to get to deeper issues.

The purpose of the Weekend Intensive is to provide a bolus of help, enabling a quicker than usual change of direction, the solving of as many immediate problems as possible and some immediate relief from symptoms. Followup treatment is expected.

For those who are experienced in treatment, the Weekend Intensive could serve as a “booster,” reinforcing what has been done previously and identifying new directions to sustain healthy progress.

There will be a 500.00 non-refundable deposit made to schedule a Weekend Intensive.

Contact me directly at 0-480-947-1989 to discuss.